"Sex Club 2"

Friends together enjoying the local sex club.

"Good Pair"

dumping grounds for my babys mouth

"First Time For Sister"

I Found these pictures on my sisters hardrive. She obviously took them off her cam and sent them to someone. Please ONLY post in the members area as she has no Idea.

"Fuck The Canadian Milf"

My Canadian Girlfriend spends one week in three here in Wyoming for her work. As you can see we spend most of the time in the bed.

"Cheating On My Wife Pt 1"

Most of us think about it but we never actually do it eh. This time I have and in my second movie coming my wife is actually in the house.

"Down The Garden"

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and votes. I thought that you may want to see more. I hope that you like this collection. These are especially for LL Kate xx

"She Thinks I Dont Know"

These are pictures a friend took of himself screwing my ex wife. She didn't think I knew. HaHa ...fools :) Couple

"Scottish Milf 2"

My wife and Mum of two. She is even more sexy them ever before. Couple

"Study Buddy"

Painfully enough poor Benny here thought he was really good at sex but I didn't have the heart to steer him into any other directions. On a side note, my fake orgasms are ACE.