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"Elise's Secret Bridge - We found this secret bridge in a nearby neighborhood. It was such a thrill to be naked out in the open. This is my hubby's favorite dildo. What do you think? *kiss kiss* "
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Westfeild Indiana, USA
"Anniversary Weekend - Married now for 10 years this week. Photos at the Hotel we stayed at. Big hello to Cindy and Yogi in the Clubhouse. "
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"Wife Blowing FWB Pt 1 - Watch my wife blow her old fuck buddy from an amazing POV shot. "
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"Juania - Wij houden van watchersweb.This is mijn vrouw Juania op feestdagen *We love watchersweb.This is my wife Juania holidays* "
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Cowgirl (Video)

giving it to her cowgirl style. we made a tape to see how we were fucking. - Canada
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Hot Tanned Blonde (Video)

Bending over spreading everything apart. Fucking and sucking me. - Florida, USA
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Clubhouse Member fwh1565 - couple, 49 y/o , National Park , New Jersey , United States
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Clubhouse Member Jolita - female, 38 y/o , Alicante , Comunidad Valenciana , Spain.
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25th November 2014 - Forgive me if iv'e missed something the clubhouse , there is this check with the greatest ass...hehe......and every time she is on, i miss her by this <.................> much. Man we need an alarm system or something similar. Bells, whistles and hooters....oh yes...always more hooters lol........anyway...if there's a way of setting up an alert for when these very special people go into chat....i want one.....cos her ass is killin' me ....haha. - Paul81

Haha! Great feedback... You have me wanting to check out this ass now Paul. 'The Watchersweb Beeper!' Coming to a chat room near you ;) - Blake

25th November 2014 - Wouldn't it be fantastic if some of these really great sex stories could be made into porn movies? To have a story line is way better than all the boring (just) bonking porn movies out there. - RicE555

Not a bad idea! Haha... Maybe we can push some of our most popular submitters to mock the stories. Awesome! - Blake

25th November 2014 - Too many clothes! Non-nude or semi-nude submissions should be treated the same as fakes. Clothes are not why I come here. - John

I agree with the clothes John... Treating them as a fake? Not so much... Clothed submission are often popular. Although I agree, a bit more nudity would be great... I guess it must be the colder season! Hopefully we see some change soon. - Blake

20th November 2014 - I never even got a look at her. You know the redhead I'm talking about. I know that watchersweb is real and that is important to me. But still, I use watchersweb to look at all types of women. Can't you put the fakes in a section by themselves, with no chance of winning anything? I would have liked to see the "juicy redhead" for myself, just so I know what a "fake" looks lie? - Hawk1275

Thanks for your feedback Hawk1275... Unfortunately we need to be strict about fakes... Our niche is the thing that keeps us going... And while it may not be important to you, it is to everyone else. We do understand, just one of those things! Thanks - Blake

20th November 2014 - I vote poor on the submissions of women that have tattoos. I think they are disgusting and anyone that has one is an idiot. My uncle had one that he got in WW2 and he told all of his nephews if we ever got one he would burn it out. His was nothing but trouble and caused him to get cancer on his arm and lose it because of it. I listened to him, I have no tattoos and I don't regret it at all. People have to start realizing that tattoos are ugly. They are only neat to the stupid people that get them. - John Kotzbauer

Well... *looks at self* ... I am mighty colorful... Sorry to hear about your uncles arm. Maybe he should have gone to a professional studio hehe. - Blake

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