"Free Love Wife"

She like very much free love.

"On Top Of Me"

i know what you all must be thinking, why wasn't i naked? how come i still was dressed. the answer is, she hadn't given me a chance.

"Real Homemade Fun"

Just having a little fun on a Saturday night, we still have fun whenever its possible, especially with a hecitc work schedule... she was really hot this particular evening...

"Stephs 2nd Outdoor Picnic"

We loved your hot comments and our very cummy picnic so much, we went outside again just for you, WW :) I loved bouncing up and down then grinding on his cock... mm, getting wet thinking about it again!


For a change, here some more pictures NOT taken outdoors ... Can I tease you this time a bit on the bed? Did a few poses for you. Including a closeup, as wished in your comments.

"College Kids Home For Break"

College was great and here is some fun from back in the day. Vote for us and there will be much more!

"Good Karma 2"

Hello! Rod and Karma from Ontario. We are an active couple always looking to make friends

"New Caravan"

A little video of breaking in the new Caravan. Unfortunately due to some operator error we didn't get everything. Hope you enjoy and we will just have to try again


We are thrilled with the many messages we got. I will reply to everyone over the next few days. Here are some more from a recent trip to Deer Park. Didi xx